Easy Tea Sandwich Recipe

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1 Pack of The Baker’s Dozen Whole Wheat Loaf
4 Boiled eggs, chopped into small pieces
1 tsp Mayo
A pinch of Parsley
A pinch of Red chili flakes
A pinch of Oregano salt
Peanut butter

Savory Filling-
In a bowl, add chopped boiled eggs, mayo, parsley, chili flakes, oregano and salt; Mix them well.
Take the Whole Wheat Loaf and cut along the sides.
Spread the filling generously on each slice and cut them in triangles.
Relish with Tea!
Sweet Filling-
Toast the Whole Wheat loaf to your liking.
Spread peanut butter and jam respectively on each toast and sandwich them together.
Cut the sandwiches into triangles to enjoy them with your Tea!
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